Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A little bit about the station (from one of our engineers)

KBXJ is a broadcast station on the FM dial at 98.5. We operate 24 hours a day in stereo from studios at the south edge of Lamesa near the country club and a five hundred foot tower west of Lamesa. We are officially licensed to Los Ybanez, Texas though the FCC allows us to add additional cities after 'The Legal Identification". This is why you hear about Los Ybanez each hour (on the hour) throughout the day.

We are licensed for 50,000 watts of power at a height of more than four hundred feet. The flat land around our city allows the signal to travel without terrain blockage for many miles in most directions. It gets a little rough to the north east as the caprock drops off at Post, and Big Spring is in a low lying area along the river.

To the north, west, and south we basically go until the signal is too weak to be useful or until a listener has driven into the strong signal area of another station. Then we are sort of a whisper next to someone shouting.

For  purposes of the Emergency Alert System we are required to monitor signals of weather radio and broadcast stations in Midland. We also monitor the Texas State Network which is fed to us by satellite from their studios in Dallas.

If you need information on the station or would like information on improving reception call or write:

David Stewart
214-998-2830 (If I'm on the phone already you will get a message. Leave one and I'll get back to you.)

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